If you want to win – go Seldén!

At Seldén, we work closely with the world’s top dinghy sailors, carefully analysing their input and feedback to enable us to produce the ultimate dingy rig for every boat. Our innovative design, attention to detail, advanced testing and manufacturing have won Seldén the trust of dinghy sailors all over the world and brought us numerous championship medals.

Our philosophy is to strive for excellence. Techniques such as auto-weld tapering and bead peening of every mast, give Seldén dinghy spars the edge in quality, performance and consistency.

More recently, our investment into a sophisticated carbon filament winding machine and autoclave has enabled us to produce a new generation of carbon masts. The use of computer controlled laminate lay-up of the highest grade pre-preg carbon ensures that Seldén can manufacture the best performing and most consistent spars on the market.

So whether it’s a production one design spar or an ultimate Gold medal winning rig you require, if you want to win – go Seldén!