Seldén introduce new XPS Aluminium Alloy for their Dinghy Spars

Seldén Masts Ltd is delighted to announce the introduction of their new XPS (Xtra Proof Strength) aluminium alloy.

XPS has been developed exclusively by Seldén's own engineers in conjunction with their aluminium extrusion supply partner, and is the result of a 2-year development program. The new alloy will be used in the manufacture of the lion's share of Seldén's world class dinghy spars.

Seldén's XPS alloy exhibits a higher yield point and higher ultimate tensile strength than the 6082, the high magnesium alloy that is generally accepted to be the best widely available material for dinghy mast production.

Designed to increase the hardness, durability and corrosion resistance of a dinghy mast, XPS has a significantly elevated proof stress which means that masts are less likely to take a permanent set. Mast bend is a very real problem for dinghy sailors who operate close to their masts' yield point (the point where the mast in not able to recover its original straight position) in more extreme conditions.

"Our decision to develop a new alloy that has these desirable properties was in response to the feedback from our Team Seldén sponsored athletes and other high-performance sailors who use our spars. We are in a fortunate position that we have the expert know how, technology and volume capabilities to react to the demands of the dinghy sailing market". Steve Norbury, Seldén's Managing Director explains.

XPS is the largest step forward in aluminium dinghy spar performance in many years and is only available from Seldén. A Seldén XPS spar is stronger than the equivalent mast from any other manufacturer.

Seldén dinghy spars are now being manufactured from the new Xtra Proof Strength alloy, the use of which is denoted on the mast by the application of an additional logo on the front, just above deck height.